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Registered Yoga Teacher, University Certified Yoga Therapist



Hello and welcome!  I am Diane Froese, Registered Yoga Teacher and University Certified Yoga Therapist specializing in Yoga and Mindful Movement for Healthy Aging.  I believe it is never too early or too late to work on improving your physical, mental and emotional health to create and maintain your most vibrant life at any age.  It is my passion to assist you in this work.


Living in a post menopause, mid-life body myself, I have experienced some pretty big changes over the past few years and with these changes, an evolution with how I fuel my body, move (and what kinds of movement), challenge my mind, sleep, rest and recharge to feel my best - body, mind and spirit.  I love learning.  If I am not enrolled in a formal training, then I spend a good deal of my time researching how one can create their best life!  I want to share that learning with you.


I believe we can continue to challenge ourselves as we age, in fact our whole life if we give the body time to warm up, and adapt and modify where we need to, to protect and preserve our joints.


My certifications include  200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), Certified Yoga Therapist through Mount Royal University in Calgary (517 hours), Certified Yin Yoga teacher, and Certified Lakshmi Voelker Chair yoga teacher. I am also a NCCP Level ll certified coach in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Continuing education is very important to me.  I research continually and travel at least once a year for in person studies.  I love sharing new knowledge in class.

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