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The home of Yoga and Mindful Movement for Healthy Aging!

A class with me is like a yoga practice, a session with your physiotherapist and meditation training all rolled into one.

​I invite you to thrive - to have less pain, greater ease in your body and be able to do more of what you love.

               What clients are saying.........



It has been a great pleasure of mine to work alongside Diane Froese to develop  Yoga for Back Pain.  As a Chiropractor, I recognized the need to develop a program for those with back pain to safely attend. Diane worked to develop a class that was closely monitored and modified to prevent further injury, while allowing participants to gain the benefits of yoga; that being core strength, improved mobility and stability.  

Diane’s extensive training in yoga therapy gives her an in-depth understanding of the biomechanics of the body and the therapeutic benefits of movement for certain conditions. She is keenly aware of the limitations some may experience with certain conditions and works closely to curate a program that is both challenging and therapeutic for all body types. I appreciate the time and attention she offers each student in class while she closely monitors postures, offering corrections and alternatives.  Because of this attention to detail, I confidently refer my patients, family and friends to Diane, knowing they are well monitored and cared for.

All that aside, Diane makes things fun! Her classes are a place to come as you are, feel welcome and have a good time while doing something nurturing for your body.  

Dr. Kerri Brooker DC, CAFCI

I have been attending yoga classes for one year with Diane, participating in both chair yoga and floor yoga every week.  I am amazed by the strength and flexibility I have gained.  My biggest surprise was a month ago, I had a right knee replacement - to my surprise, I was able to walk out of the hospital without a cane or walker.  My legs were very strong and my balance was great.   I was able to return to chair yoga two weeks after the operation.  Thank you Diane for making your classes interesting and well planned.   Your cheerful manner makes us feel very welcome.

Maurice Lachance


I love your website Diane!  Although I have been attending yoga since 2005, it has been working with you that has given me joy in the practice of yoga as you offer it. I thank you for being there and helping me in a very real way to push myself without pain and to age without angst ( most of the time!)   Your descriptions of where and what you feel in the poses or movements help to point me in a direction or focus that is helpful and encouraging. And I appreciate the offer at the end of class to look outside of myself and offer the benefits of my practice out into the world - a reminder of the bigger picture in all of are truly a gifted and authentic soul.



Diane is an incredible yoga instructor.  She is very knowledgeable and incredibly creative and makes each class a joy to take.  I love her meditations and her style of teaching.  She understands the maturing body and the differences between individuals, and always demonstrates how to use props if you need them to get into poses.  You challenge your limits, but carefully, always being reminded that what you do should not feel painful.  Poses are taught in a clear and careful manner.

Cheri F

 I have been attending your Beginner and Yin classes online and on demand for the last two sessions, and have enjoyed your Beginner class for a couple of sessions before that. I sincerely believe that these classes have contributed to my physical health, and probably mental health as well. 

As a healthy and active seventy two year old, I appreciate the therapeutic aspect to your classes. Your knowledge of anatomy and physiology is evident, and you clearly work hard to keep the content and pace appropriate.


Diane is a natural teacher who constantly introduces new insights into yoga practice. Her classes are lighthearted but based on the study of yoga and anatomy.  I always have a feeling of overall wellness after one of her sessions and plan to continue indefinitely.


I’ve attended gentle classes with Diane for the past 3 years when I am in city, spring and fall. When I am away, I miss participating once or twice a week - Diane’s cheery disposition, ability to change it up each week and modify for different levels helps everyone stay on track. I love the focus on breathe, and descriptive of where we should feel the stretch and/or make adjustments for our body. She has a great voice for us hard-of-hearing, and clearly she loves her ‘work’. I dare say I’m maintaining some flexibility and always look forward to Shavasana!


I started doing Diane's Yoga for back pain in January of 2017 after being away from yoga for a number of years. I soon discovered not all Yoga Teachers are created equally. Diane's classes are well planned out, ensure students are in correct form as to avoid injury and she explains poses in detail that I have never gotten from any other instructor. Since that first class I have continued to take classes with Diane twice a week and I am absolutely amazed by the strength and flexibility I have gained. I always leave Diane's yoga classes feeling stronger, taller and with a smile on my face!

Cathy Dyck

Diane has been such a positive role model in my life. She is constantly learning, taking new courses, and trying new techniques. Not only is she a great yoga instructor, her yoga therapy designation adds so much extra value to her classes. I appreciate how she explains the body mechanics behind certain moves, and even brings in pictures so we can visualize what is supposed to be happening. With Diane’s help, my posture is improving and I no longer have neck pain. If you want a lift in your day and an effective workout, I highly recommend yoga with Diane. Namaste!

Heather S

I  really enjoy the gentle yoga class with Diane. She keeps it interesting and I generally feel re-energized and in a better place by the end of the session.

Ruth Howard

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